Cells for your cash production

By the money datevaluation practice your cash stay cash but personalized by 10€uros parcels into live-savings just containing a money-to-money link and webpowered to produce webcashmatic plusvalues and daily cash results.
That live-savings are your Owndated Webquantums personal creations accounted as your properties. Each 10€uros datevaluation by your webcashmotor producing 1 OW with a sequential $time-number, datevalued number for your owned timestock.

Personalized-webliving-savings or live-savings and @time-number are allways together in each Owndated Webquantum with the TimeStamp of it ownership creation. For it definition and for accounting the other added values.
So your cash keeping cash even ever it is shifted as cells of a device production for your personal wealth.

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