Cells for your cash production

By the money datevaluation practice your cash stay cash but personalized by 10€uros parcels into live-savings just containing a money-to-money link and webpowered to produce webcashmatic plusvalues and daily cash results.
That live-savings are your Owndated Webquantums personal creations accounted as your properties. Each 10€uros datevaluation by your webcashmotor producing 1 OW with a sequential $time-number, datevalued number for your owned timestock.

Personalized-webliving-savings or live-savings and @time-number are allways together in each Owndated Webquantum with the TimeStamp of it ownership creation. For it definition and for accounting the other added values.
So your cash keeping cash even ever it is shifted as cells of a device production for your personal wealth.


Linking money-to-money for much-more-money

When you link 10€_to_universocial€UROS at the WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web you do link for much-more-money in your webcashaccount.
Because in Economy 4G3W you get a freedom for fishing cash at the Big WebSea. And from your webfishing position you get webcashmatic plusvalues in cashkeeping mode.
Each link money-to-money is a result of the 10€uros parcel datevaluation for the creation of Owndated Webquantums (1 for each 10€) personalized bank-finantial properties into Economy 4G3W.
Because the personal webcashmotor is your own free web_device to personalize the money datevaluation with your better date_justwebmarked_on. Then you can cashcall more than you cashput. 100% free. For you. Because it is webpowered and cashkeeping. Think about.


Make webcashmatic plusvalues rolling cash

If you cashput 10 euros or multiples by your webcashmotor in your webcashaccount, you get one or more owndated webquantums. Because by this economic mouve and datevaluation in the new Economy 4G3W you make a webdynamic money-to-money connection. Linking money is your new performance. Because your economic power must go up forever.

The fact is that each "owndated webquantum" is formed (under your creation) in the WUW the Webcash_Universocial_Web, by the fusion of its basic elements :

- it web dated space, the webdatedspace ;

- it flash of cashputed 10€ unity just_full (just_empty if used his guaranted 10€ for cashcall use), the wuwspin ;

- it relative sequencial number ( the higher the younger), the wuwnumber  (overcoming blockchain) ;

- it cashfishing production factors counters ( all in 7 owner wuw-counters), the wuwcashcounted_moment, the wuwmoment ;

- it dynamic place in the datevalors webcashaccount when "just_full" cashkeeped (relative universocial position) the datevalors name_datevaluation_activity, the tagvaporated name.

So the datevalors owns a stock of keeped_time in each wuw economic space parcel. This time fusion (the wuwquantum) is as unique as his owner, and it is when one webjurisperson 4G3W is born by wuwlived register. By this register and by the keeped_time coeficient, every owndated quantum may catch daily cash results. The daily WUWresults. The part of daily distribued cash results is bigger for the older owndated quantum having fish at 00 hours 00 minutes 00 secondes at New York time, in fact at 00 webtime.

Of course the "keeped_time in any owndated quantum" can be selled by his owner. But this quantum of keeped_time is running in "www_wuw_living" with his timecounter added value for and as a "datevalors property".
If another datevalors like to buy this "datevalors property", it is a market question and the WUW Admin just organize this service for all datevalors.
Filipe Alves Ferreira (1942)
With Angellore Revision